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We have special vintage items; mairjuana pipes & bongs, Vinyl Records and Unique Jewelry.



We have stamps, coins, cereal boxes, toys, pottery, porcelain figurines, and more.
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Our Story

 Mills and Associates began as a wholesale gift company in 1973 and has accumulated hundreds of one-of-a-kind items which is why the on line store 'Junque Unique' was created.  We were brokers for the gift and tourist industry in the Pacific NW and Alaska, we represented a variety of products and lines from many countries.  The items for sale are discontinued samples or discontinued lines, we will also have personal merchandise for sale from the family estate.

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Contact our online store at (877) 740-8723 in, for various unique,
vintage, collectibles, music & art items from 1950's 1990's.

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